In the country of the dead

Later, Strange finds that the dry oak floorboards have warped and split where he spilled his blood. Furled leaves are forcing their way through the crannies, and worm-like tendrils of roots and stalks, and then, within hours, a spray of white flowers. He doesn’t know what sort of flowers they are. They smell of stagnancy, and the inner lining of coffins. They are not, he thinks, native to the wood. Perhaps a stray seed, or a bit of corn blown in from the hillsides… but then, there is not much left growing on the hillsides, in any direction where the army has been. And Strange does not know very much about flowers. He would after all have made a poor farmer, he reflects.

Title: In the country of the dead

Author: kvikindi

Characters: Jonathan Strange & Neapolitans

Summary: Strange stays in the windmill with the Neapolitan soldiers.

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before the world was big

With the mill on fire behind him, only a little below the sunrise, Grant looks out at the men — hats doffed, bandages dirty. He is glad of the six cannon. He is glad that — God, and Strange-willing, the bridge will be moved soon, and the dead will be dead once more. Everything before him is golden in the light — soft, cool to the touch. He does not look back.

Title: before the world was big

Author: tigrrmilk

Characters: Jonathan Strange & Colquhoun Grant

Summary: They do not want to go to war. Who wants to go to war? But it is not their own country they fight for, and it is not their enemy they mount against, and it is not their decision to make.

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A different magic

It could be said that Jonathan Strange discovered the truth about Lord Wellington by accident. In the late summer of 1812 the army was quartered outside Madrid, and one evening in August Strange was in his room conjuring visions in a basin at the request of Lord Wellington, in an attempt to gain any further knowledge on the French positions. With him was Captain Whyte, taking notes in his field journal. So far the visions had not turned up any precise information, as although Strange could see French soldiers, their strength and their state clearly it was impossible to determine their exact position; nor could he catch sight of a map or dispatch in the French marshal’s headquarters to give him an indication of where they might be or planned as their next movements.

Title: A different magic

Author: latin_cat

Characters: Jonathan Strange & Duke of Wellington

Summary: Strange finds a different magic to his own at work in the Peninsula.

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