Over the mountains

most ancient kind of magic

At the end of a month in the Peninsula, Strange had quite lost any fondness he had ever entertained for marching songs; at the end of two, he earnestly wished the authors of Over The Hills And Far Away, The Girl I Left Behind Me and Lilli Burlero at the devil.

Apart from these military airs, the music most often heard in the army was the men’s extremely bawdy songs, which Strange found depressing not because of their indecency, but because of the determined and (it seemed to him) hollow cheerfulness with which they were invariably sung.

Strange had almost forgotten what it was like to hear any other music. He was therefore agreeably surprised, when sitting on a hillside one morning, to hear a pleasant baritone voice singing Robin Adair, a song which he had always liked in the days when music seemed to be everywhere. He did not remember to have heard it sung by a man before, but his chief thought was how well this man’s voice suited with the wistfulness of the words and the tune.

Title: Over the mountains

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Colquhoun Grant & Jonathan Strange

Author’s Notes: Written for this prompt at jsmn_kinkmeme: “Merlin discovers the softer side of Major Rod-up-his-capable-arse-snarkmeister Grant when he hears him singing an English folk song that Merlin knows.”


Chapter 1: Over the Mountains:  Strange discovers a softer side to Major Grant.

Chapter 2: True Hearted: Strange continues to enjoy Grant’s singing, and makes a further discovery.

Chapter 3: The Water is Wide: Strange continues to make discoveries, not all of them about Major Grant.

Chapter 4: If Love Be Not His Guide: Strange receives an unexpected gift, which gives him plenty to think about during Grant’s absence.

Chapter 5: The Seeds of Love: Strange and Grant go on their mission, and spend the night together.




Fishing for Stars


Colquhoun Grant was not a man who enjoyed the chase. To be sure, he thrilled in it when his quarry was of the human variety, and French in particular: singular or plural, soldiers traveling alone or whole army corps moving in vast columns. But chasing an animal until it was cornered in some tangled wood or exhausted by the pursuit of baying hounds gave him no pleasure.

Yet Grant was an active man who loved the outdoors and, in times of fair weather, could not abide spending any free hours cooped up in a narrow tent or a close, airless room in some Portuguese family’s borrowed villa. In his boyhood in Scotland his favorite sport, other than riding horseback over the heather-clad hills or tramping up and down glens on foot, had been casting a line into the streams or lochs in the countryside, angling for trout and pike. He had almost always tossed them back after catching them, watching them wriggle away through the clear, cold waters: the pleasure lay not in the catching but in the skill needed to throw the lure into the right current and the strength and dexterity to reel in the line at the first nibble.

Title: Fishing for Stars

Author: onstraysod

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant

Summary: On a mild summer night in the Peninsula, Major Colquhoun Grant and Colonel William De Lancey take a break from their duties to pursue different hobbies.

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The Sweetest Thing

sweetest thing

Major Colquhoun Grant pulled the door of the old farmhouse closed behind him and leant against it, breathing heavily. He could still hear the roar of the artillery over the rumbling of the thunder and the incessant beat of the rain on the tiled roof but at least he should be safe here for a while.

He shrugged off his soaking greatcoat and winced as a jolt of pain shot through his arm. The bullet had struck him just above his elbow and his sleeve was soaked with blood. He didn’t think it was particularly serious but he needed to get the jacket off and assess the damage and unfastening the buttons with one hand proved a lot harder than he expected.

Title: The Sweetest Thing

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: De Lancey/Grant

Summary: De Lancey treats Grant’s wounds with honey.

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Song of the Onion


Strange was quite right to be concerned as to Lord Wellington’s reaction had he learned about the French troops’ singing cooking-pots. Fortunately the Iron Duke never got to hear about it and Strange, too, was left in blissful ignorance; equally fortunately the spell wore off after a while, although it caused a certain amount of consternation whilst it was working.

Title: Song of the Onion

Author: Small_Hobbit

Characters: Pot/Kettle

Summary: A sergeant in Napoleon’s army is taken by surprise at the source of the singing he hears.

Author’s Notes: The inspiration for this came from one of Fengirl’s fics: “Strange had long since completed the spell for the roads, and had begun on one to make the French troops’ cooking-pots sprout holes when their contents reached sufficient heat. In his present distracted state he thought the spell quite likely to have some other effect – to make the pots burst into song, for example. No doubt this would disconcert the French for a time, but he did not like to think what Lord Wellington would say about it.”

Notes: For fengirl88; inspired by If love be not his guide, part of the Over the Mountains series.

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A horse is a horse


“We have to do something,” De Lancey insisted. “It is his birthday after all.”

Strange gave him a doubtful look. “I’m not sure about this, colonel. I may not be privy to his lordship’s inner thoughts but I am fairly certain he is not the type to celebrate birthdays. Besides, what on earth does one get for a man like that?”

“Good point, Merlin.” Grant shook his head. “What do you think William? You know him as well as anyone. What would he wish for?”

“In truth, I think he would wish for the war to be over and the killing to stop.” De Lancey sighed. “I saw him after Badajoz, you know. Weeping over the men who had fallen. He will never admit it but he feels responsible and just wants to put an end to the bloodshed.”

Title: A horse is a horse

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: William De Lancey, Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange & Arthur Wellesley

Summary: Merlin finds a true friend and confidante for Wellington.

Author’s Notes: Just a quick one for Wellington’s birthday.

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Spaces in your togetherness

jonathan and bell

Her husband had scarce been home a fortnight when an unexpected visitor by the name of Major Colquhoun Grant came to call. A handsome man of average height, finely dressed in the Scarlet uniform of an officer, he seemed to stand out, harsh, among the pale colors of her sitting room. Arabella felt her heart leap to her throat. Surely they could not have need for Jonathan again so soon. The war had only just ended.

The Major must have seen some of the panic on her face because he was quick to assure her that he was there purely on a personal basis.

“I merely came direct from a meeting and made the impulsive decision to visit Mr. Strange before securing my own lodgings.”

Title: Spaces in your togetherness

Author: Anon

Characters: Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange, Colquhoun Grant

Summary: Two weeks after her husband’s return from the Peninsula, the Stranges are visited by Major Grant.

Author’s Notes: Had this prompt saved and came across it again and decided to maybe give it a try. First bit is mostly set up for these three to get together. I’ve got plans for both fluff and smut eventually.

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Captain George K. H. Coussmaker by Joshua Reynolds

“Colonel De Lancey!”

De Lancey’s head shot up as he realised he hadn’t been paying attention to a word Lord Wellington was saying.

“Yes, my lord?”

“I asked you if the boots the men are so desperately in need of have arrived yet.” Wellington frowned. “Well?”

“I’m not certain, my lord.” De Lancey looked down and shuffled the papers in front of him, cringing inwardly as he imagined the disapproving glances he must be getting from the older staff officers. “I’ll have to go and check.”

His commander’s eyes narrowed. “Very well,” he said, “make sure you do.”

Title: If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant

Summary: De Lancey finds Grant bathing in a lake; later, he teaches him to play billiards.

Author’s Notes: I know sod all about horse riding or billiards 😉

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An Unexpected Consequence of the Removal of Brussels to North America


The rifle was pointed directly at his chest and Pearson Denby wondered if he had finally run out of luck. Just in case, he turned his eyes to the mountains – those sharp, majestic peaks the French trappers had named in comparison to a woman’s breasts – and took a deep breath. Their sheer sides were covered with snow, their jutting tips so high above catching the light of the westward-sinking sun. If this was the last sight he would see in life, he had no reason to complain.

Title: An Unexpected Consequence of the Removal of Brussels to North America

Author: onstraysod

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

Summary: In the tragic wake of the Battle of Waterloo, Major Grant finds his life turned upside down by an unexpected result of one of Jonathan Strange’s spells.

Author’s Notes: For solitaryjo. An understanding of the circumstances of this story relies upon a familiarity with Footnote 1, Chapter 40, ‘Depend upon it; there is no such place’ of the novel, which was not depicted in the series. I have also followed – very loosely – the historical events of the Battle of Waterloo rather than the depiction in the series. I have tried to adhere to the historical timeline and historical facts as far as possible, but there are no doubt some major inaccuracies and inconsistencies, as well as some plot holes big enough to drive a truck through. For these, I apologize in advance.

Author’s Disclaimer:The characters in this story use terms for Native Americans that, while incorrect and insensitive today, would have been used at this time in history.


Chapter 1: In the tragic wake of the Battle of Waterloo, Major Grant finds his life turned upside down by an unexpected result of one of Jonathan Strange’s spells.

Chapter 2: Overwhelmed with grief, Colquhoun Grant arrives in the village of Waterloo – and makes a startling discovery.

Chapter 3: Stunned by his discovery at Waterloo, Colquhoun Grant joins Jonathan Strange and the Duke of Wellington in Brussels, where a possible explanation for the mystery is discussed.

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Breeches of Etiquette


It was a sweltering night in northern Spain and Lord Wellington’s officers were enjoying a well-earned rest after the exertions of the previous day’s battle. Now that the French had been driven back to a safe distance, they finally had time to relax and take in their surroundings.

Sitting around a fire on the shore of a small lake, they passed around the bottles of wine they had liberated from the enemy and entertained each other with stories of their daring victories and narrow escapes. Coats and sashes were discarded with abandon, and many of them removed their boots and stockings and wandered down to the cool water to relieve their aching feet.

Title: Breeches of Etiquette

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant, Fitzroy Somerset, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

Summary: De Lancey and Grant misuse Merlin’s magic to indulge in some drunken larks.

Author’s Notes: Written in response to this challenge as part of Team Peninsula’s continuing adventures on tumblr.

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