Outside it rained ferociously. Grant could hear it thrashing against the sides of the tent and the snap of the canvas in the wind. He hoped with some fervour that in the unfortunate event that any body passed by, this would be loud enough to drown out any thing else.

It was too late now, anyhow; he would not stop; probably he could not stop if he tried. With absolute focus, Grant pushed his hips forward a final inch, burying himself entirely in Strange’s body. The sensation was excruciatingly pleasurable. He felt hot all over from the effort of restraint, from the slow, torturous push of his prick into Strange, the slick tightness of his body opening up for him. There was sweat on his brow and his arms trembled a little where he held himself up on the rickety camp bed. He parted his lips, wanting to say something, but all that came out was a tense, quiet gasp.

Title: Sound

Author: equestrianstatue

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt: I was browsing a recent prompt about Strange/Childermass and someone in the comments brought up the notion of Strange not being able to shut up during sex, which I immediately realized IS SOMETHING I NEED.

Summary: Grant is irritated by Strange’s inability to keep quiet during sex.

Archivist’s Note: Originally posted here under its working title of “Strange can’t shut up during sex”.

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Billiards at the Bedford


A soldier has no business marrying, Grant had told Strange in the Peninsula. Though an answer most often deployed to discourage any ladies casting a matrimonial eye on his regimentals, it was also an article of faith with Grant. The softer affections had no place in the lines. Even friendship, such as his own reluctant and surprising friendship for the army’s magician, might prove a dangerous weakness.

Title: Billiards at the Bedford

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange, Arabella Strange, & William De Lancey

Summary: Major Grant finds himself unexpectedly drawn to the army’s magician.

Chapter 1: Billiards at the Bedford.  Major Grant appreciates the pleasures of peacetime.

Chapter 2: Breaking Bad News: To break the news of a death was a familiar task, though Grant had never quite grown used to it. To tell a woman that her husband had vanished into a mirror, gone who knows where, was quite another thing.

Chapter 3: Honourable Restraint:  This was no passing fancy, but something altogether more serious.

Chapter 4: London, 1815: A soldier in peacetime was a queer sort of animal; Grant knew this, but had forgotten.

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El Bueno Granto


El Bueno Granto.

That’s what they call him and when he’s like this, it’s easy to see why. He’s stretched out asleep, pleasingly naked, with the morning sun warming the bare skin of his back. His hair shines gold in the light.

Wellington runs a possessive hand over the curve of Grant’s strong shoulders, down the length of his spine and lower, over the curve of his arse. Last night that skin had been decorated with marks, the prints of hands and the stripes from a riding crop. This morning the redness has faded, leavings only shadows that hint at the beginning of bruises here and there.

Title: El Bueno Granto

Author: Anonymous

Summary: A fill for the prompt “Major Grant has a particularly excellent backside that is, I believe, begging for a good spanking. I can’t decide who I would prefer to do such a thing so…. five times Grant had his arse spanked and one time he did the spanking?”

Part 1: Colquhoun Grant/Arthur Wellesley and Colquhoun Grant/William De Lancey

Part 2: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant/Arthur Wellesley & Jonathan Strange

Part 3: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Part 4: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange/Arabella Strange

Part 5: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant/Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange/Arthur Wellesley

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Blood and Milk


Grant enters the mess tent in the early evening to find his fellow officers in high spirits. Someone has returned from Lisbon with a dozen bottles of good champagne, and it is being swigged by the mug as if it was beer. The air is thick with tobacco smoke, and MacPherson is playing a jig on a fiddle.

He joins De Lancey and Fitzroy Somerset, and De Lancey passes him a bottle, slaps him on the back, and tells him to get it down his neck.

A short while later, Jonathan Strange arrives, dishevelled and travel-weary, his bag over one shoulder, and his basin on his back. He fills his plate from the communal pot, and carries it to the next table, and Grant pays him no further heed until a sharp exclamation, accompanied by the clatter of a spoon being dropped onto a tin plate, makes him glance towards its source. It is Strange. He is standing, with his hand clapped over his nose and mouth.

Title: Blood and Milk

Author: etave

Characters: Colquhoun Grant & Jonathan Strange

Summary: Fill for a prompt on the jsmn kinkmeme asking for a story in which Strange has a nosebleed in front of Major Grant.

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I Will Lay Me Down


Major Colquhoun Grant scanned the faces around the table they’d set up in the converted stables at the end of the courtyard and breathed a sigh of relief when he noted a particular absence.

“Where’s Strange?” he asked the man next to him.

“Oh, he took himself off to the mountains as soon as the post arrived. Said the men need him to read their letters for them.”

Grant smirked. It was clear that the magician undertook this task out of a need to boost his sense of self importance rather than any altruistic motivation but as least he was making himself useful and keeping out of the way.

Title: I Will Lay Me Down

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant, Arthur Wellesley & Jonathan Strange

Summary: Colonel De Lancey receives a letter that shakes him to the core.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Scrumping (series)


At the end of a hard day’s ride, they came at last to their night’s resting-place, an abandoned farmhouse in the valley. The setting sun shone on a walled orchard full of pear trees, gilding the fruit that hung heavy on the boughs. Major Grant dismounted with an exclamation of delight and set about pulling the ripe fruit from the trees.

“What will you cook them with?” asked Strange, who doubted the farmhouse would provide what was needed here. He did not intend to eat any of the fruit: stewed pears reminded him of his childhood and attendant bellyaches.

“Cook them?” Grant exclaimed in astonishment. “You don’t cook pears like these, Merlin. It would be a sacrilege.”

Title: Scrumping Series

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: a series of short fics in which Grant and Strange indulge in both the local delicacies, and one another.

Part One: Scrumping.  A conversation about fruit, in an orchard at sunset.

Part Two: Black Figs. Grant introduces Strange to black figs in a Spanish market.

Part Three: Custard Tarts. Grant and Strange make an unexpected discovery in a small Spanish town.

Part Four: Miel sobre hojuelas. A conversation about pastry, outside a Spanish inn.

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The Darkest Hour


Colonel William De Lancey is utterly exhausted but the last thing he wants to do is sleep. He rubs his eyes and turns his attention back to the map in front of him, squinting to bring the writing into focus and stop the contours from jumping around on the page. He knows it probably isn’t a good idea to plan routes for the next day’s march when he can barely keep his eyes open but he needs something to occupy his mind. Grant has been gone too long and there has been no news for weeks. He tries not to think about the fates that could befall a man alone in the mountains. He looks out the window and sees dark clouds beginning to cover the moon.

Title: The Darkest Hour

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant

Summary: Both Grant and De Lancey suffer from insomnia.

Author’s Notes: This started out as a fill for a prompt on the kinkmeme but I didn’t post it there because it doesn’t really meet the brief. I’m not entirely sure what it has become. Call it my experimental phase 😉

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Arabella/ Wellington


He is a good friend to her after Italy. Such a great man in the eyes of the world, a hero. He makes a favourite of her and the world in turn looks on her with greater favour.

He provides a little brightness too: a dinner, a dance, a trip to the theatre. Small distractions from what was lost and what she is still fighting to regain. If he becomes a little too forward, she can forgive him for it. He is used to the adoration of women, of having his pick of the crowd to warm his bed. He has an easy charm that leaves her tempted, even as she laughs at his flattery and veiled offers.

Title: Arabella/Wellington

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: Arabella Strange/Arthur Wellesley

Summary: Post-canon, Arabella finds herself the subject of the Duke of Wellington’s attentions.

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In dreams


There had been a point on that flight home when Grant had been sure that William was going to die. The moment when he’d stopped thrashing, stopped twisting away from the pain and gone quiet. His hand, bloodied and shaking with shock, had fallen lax against his side and Grant had thought ‘he’s going to die’.

Title: In dreams

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: William De Lancey & Colquhoun Grant

Summary: Grant dreams about the flight back from France when William was injured.

Author’s Notes: Short snippet set sometime around Chapter 19.

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The Skill of Concealment

skill of concealment

Colquhoun Grant’s time as the Intelligence Officer to Lord Wellington had bred in him a particular skill: that of concealment. That was all well and good when he was scanning enemy lines or attempting to move undetected through the undergrowth, but Grant found that his skill was put to best use in concealing his romantic disposition.

The truth was that Major Grant fell in love all too easily and all too quickly.

Title: The Skill of Concealment

Author: rosncrntz

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: Grant reflects on how these feelings came about. He didn’t realise that it was bound to happen. There was never any question.

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