The Ghastly Harvest

ghastly harvest

It occurred to Strange upon his arrival at the tent that its stillness and silence were an ill omen indeed. Elsewhere the camp still held that chaotic frenzy brought on by the aftermath of battle: buildings belching up hot sparking smoke into the blackening sky; mud thrown up about them churned in part with blood and gore and treacherous underfoot; a dozen men at every side frantic with their varied occupations, be it butchery or wood-chopping or fire-dousing or dying.

Here there was no one – save Strange, the boy who brought him, and Childermass. He lay quite unmoving on the workman’s table, and the ground about him was dark with blood, the air thick and wet and soaked with the smell of it.

Title: The Ghastly Harvest

Author: oxymoronic

Characters: John Childermass/Jonathan Strange & John Uskglass

Summary: Following the battle of Waterloo, Childermass – however briefly – joins the fallen.

Author’s Notes:  apologies for it being a bit unpolished, I’m not happy with it at all, but thought the fandom needed at least a little more to get its teeth into. this assumes a brief canon divergence in imagining that Childermass (for whatever reason) went with Strange to Brussels, and thus was present during Waterloo.

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