Spaces in your togetherness

jonathan and bell

Her husband had scarce been home a fortnight when an unexpected visitor by the name of Major Colquhoun Grant came to call. A handsome man of average height, finely dressed in the Scarlet uniform of an officer, he seemed to stand out, harsh, among the pale colors of her sitting room. Arabella felt her heart leap to her throat. Surely they could not have need for Jonathan again so soon. The war had only just ended.

The Major must have seen some of the panic on her face because he was quick to assure her that he was there purely on a personal basis.

“I merely came direct from a meeting and made the impulsive decision to visit Mr. Strange before securing my own lodgings.”

Title: Spaces in your togetherness

Author: Anon

Characters: Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange, Colquhoun Grant

Summary: Two weeks after her husband’s return from the Peninsula, the Stranges are visited by Major Grant.

Author’s Notes: Had this prompt saved and came across it again and decided to maybe give it a try. First bit is mostly set up for these three to get together. I’ve got plans for both fluff and smut eventually.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme

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