In Madrid Strange thought fleetingly of visiting a brothel. This was because a number of officers he knew were doing exactly this and asked him if he wished to join them. He did not, and after a moment’s pause, said so: but the moment’s pause rather unbalanced him, and after the officers had left he had the unpleasant sensation of not wishing to be inside his own skin. He felt dirty and restless and unhappy. He had declined the offer in part because he did not wish to betray Arabella, but in part (and, he thought, in greater part) because he had not been to a brothel before. This was not due to any particular moralizing in his youth, but because it had never seemed to him a pleasurable idea to spend a night with any one who would not enjoy themselves as much as he would, and he had never had much trouble finding somebody to fit this office.

Title: Touch-starved

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt:   I want these two men, two men in the the thick of the war, two men who have been in the Peninsula for a couple of years, starved of physical attention, desperate for some sort of release of their sexual desires, and so they turn to each other because why the hell not…they’re two men… they know what the other wants and what the other NEEDS.  Make it desperate. Make it filthy.

Summary:  Strange and Grant have sex in a hotel in Madrid.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme

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