In Which Grant and Strange Tend to Their Wounds

strange and grant attend to wounds

Grant listened for a moment before entering the farmhouse where the stewards had set up a decent, though dusty, temporary mess. It was well past midnight so he found no one tending a stew in the stone fireplace, nor even washing up the heavy black kettles. Thank God for the dark and the quiet at last, he thought as he removed his stiff jacket and unbuttoned his waistcoat. Time to pursue the next mission: to find a crust of bread and cup of wine.

Title: In Which Grant and Strange Tend to Their Wounds

Author: second_skin

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt: I’m not quite sure how they would get access to a bath amidst a war, perhaps they are on leave, perhaps one of them has the advantage of the use of a decent hotel room, but just give me these two bathing together. It doesn’t even have to be smutty or turn into sex, I just want soft wet touches and soapy kisses and hair stroking and just a rare moment of peace in a nice tub.

Summary: Grant and Strange deepen their relationship after the events in the mill.

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